皮膚保護 ケロデックス
ケロデックス クリーム
As you know, there are kinds of irritants which may attack skin in the living environment nowadays, especially at your working and even in usual living condition.

Once the skin gets damaged, it becomes easily getting more damaged and goes even worse when irritants attack again the same spot of the skin. If hands and the skin get dried and damaged, the number of germs may increase even after washing hands or the skin.

“PROTECTING THE SKIN BEFORE WORK” will solve this continuous skin trouble that “CARE THE SKIN AFTER DAMAGED”.

KERODEX CREAM is a skin barrier cream that prevent the skin from the skin disorder by applying it before work. It protects the hands and the skin from kinds of irritants.

No smell, no stickiness. Not to worry using it before work, as it will not disturb your work. When you touch something with KERODEX applied hands, the cream will not transfer.

KERODEX CREAM can be used not only for the hands but the face, the arms, the foot … all the body parts. (except mucous membrane parts).

One of the causes of the skin disorder is to touch directly materials like solvents, which melt the sebum (the fat inside the skin) . The skin with less sebum tries to regenerate the sebum to be enough, but it works unsatisfactory under the situation that irritants keep on attacking the skin continuously. In this case, the skin evaporates excessive moisture inside it, and the top of the horny cells may be over-peeled off, then as the result, the skin gets rough.

Besides, when you touch strong chemicals like strong acids and alkalis, the skin may seriously get damaged.
KERODEX CREAM penetrates into the horny layer and forms invisible protective layer. It moistens and protects the skin by blocking and reinforcing the horny cells.

KERODEX CREAM’s protective effect lasts for 3 to 4 hours. As time goes by, it will disappear naturally by the body metabolism. Therefore, there is no need to remove cream with a remover. 

When you work repeatedly with detergents or soaps, even if you scrub or scratch the face of the skin, the protective effect will be kept.

※ Please note that the effect of Kerodex differs depending on individual variations. The main factors are…

(1) Individual body functions like constitution, age, sex and a physical condition.

(2) Attacking level by irritants.

(3) Environment like temperature, humidity.

There is not a special attention in use, but better effect is expected when you use in the following process.
※ Take approx. 0.5g ~ 1.0g for both hands.

※ If you feel “sticky” due to apply it too much, please wash your skin with soap to be smooth. (PROTECTIVE EFFECT WILL BE KEPT)

※ In the morning, at noon, in the evening, when you apply the cream every 3 hours, the skin may be protected all day long.

※ If you wash your hands frequently, it is recommended that you should re-apply KERODEX CREAM in rather short term.
KERODEX CREAM was originally invented at the beginning of the 20th century in England, as the SKIN BARRIER CREAM for INDUSTRIES.

At that time in England, as the industries were developing, many ladies were going to work in the factories. Then the serious problem was happened. It was the skin disorder trouble among working ladies because of strong chemicals for manufacturing. To solve the problem, Dr. Alberman developed the special skin barrier cream “KERODEX CREAM”.

The origin of name of “KERODEX CREAM” is the Greek “KERAS”, which means the horny layer.

Nowadays KERODEX CREAM is used not only in factories, but in beauty salons, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, and even at home to keep safety and hygiene.